Ngày đăng: 27/04/2022

Senior Security Engineer


  • You are responsible for maintaining the security of a company’s computer systems.
  • You will anticipate the moves and tactics that hackers will use to try and gain unauthorized access to the computer system.
  • You will constantly stay current on the latest developments both on the security defence end and the attacking/offensive end.
  • You must learn who has access and where the weak points of the systems are.
  • You must recommend ways to improve and update the security of the company’s systems, from infrastructure, endpoints and enterprise banking applications/systems.
  • You must be able to recommend ways to improve a system’s security through logical controls, application security, hardware and infrastructure security.
  • You will help define security policies and protocols, monitor them, and enforce them.
  • You will also set up countermeasures that protect the system when an unauthorized user attempts to gain access to the system.


  • Degree in security field or equivalent experience (2+ years).
  • Experience in systems engineering with Linux systems (2+ years).
  • Experience in programming (2+ years).
  • Familiarity with common toolkits used in penetration testing.
  • Interpersonal skills sufficient to work with both technical and non-technical personnel at various levels in the organizations.

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