where happiness originated.

“House” has a sacred meaning in everyone’s heart, It is a “home” filled with happiness, a loving “family” is always welcome us come back every day, a peaceful destination, a solid fulcrum for successful life and prosperity. A true “House” also means the fundamental value of a sustainable development society.

More than a place to live,

but it also brings

Prosperity to a community.

The well-off of each individual through the exchange, investment, leasing activities and the needs of using services in the family form a community including seller, buyers, tenants, managers, service providers, brokers…From there, Houze was born to bring the values of settlement, sustainability, and prosperity to the community.

Dreams of creation

Technology Solutions

Reaching out to Southeast Asia

We aspire to create a prosperous Houze community with a new standard of living through effective technology solutions from 3 models PropTech  – FinTech – Mobile Commerce.

From there


be born

Pioneering Real Estate service ecosystem – where all the needs of the Houze community will be quickly and efficiently met with a super app that integrates connection, exchange, sharing, and cooperation activities to create outstanding growth values ​​every day.



Houze Group brings together pioneers in the fields of Real Estate, Finance, Technology, and Mobile Commerce.

Pham Lam

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

More than 15 years of operational experience and deep understanding of the real estate market, participating in investment consultancy and development of many huge real estate projects. Mr. Pham Lam has made positive contributions to the development of the real estate industry.
He’s also the Chairman Board of Directors and General Director of DKRA Vietnam, one of the largest real estate service firms in Vietnam. He is an influential entrepreneur in Vietnam’s real estate market.


  • Vice-Chairman of Vietnam Association of Realtors
  • Top 10 Real Estate Inspiring Characters voted by Vietnam Association of Realtors
  • Real Estate Character in 2021 awarded by Dot Property Vietnam Awards 2021

Duong Hoang Anh Nguyen

Chief Strategy Officer

Over 16 years of experience in market development for Internet companies, he plays a role from co-founder, deploying operations for domestic companies, to planning growth strategies for foreign technology corporations when entering the Vietnamese market.


  • Former co-founder and executive for Online Real Estate – Proptech 1.0 in Vietnam.
  • Developing VMA platform – Knowledgeable Farmers
  • Market development for Chatwork Corporation – The No. 1 business communication platform in Japan

Eric Doan

Chief Marketing Officer

Over 10 years of experience in managing and implementing marketing activities in terms of brand development, user growth, and new product launches for Global Brands. He has also served as the marketing head for successful startups in the market: Grab (Super App), Propzy (Proptech).

Vo Ke Hiep

Chief Product Officer

More than 10 years of experience in product management and development at leading technology companies in Vietnam such as VNG Corporation, Rever (Proptech), One Housing (Proptech).

Nguyen Thanh Thuan

Chief Financial Officer

More than 10 years of experience in banking sector and financial management for large corporations such as An Gia (real estate), Yeah1 (media), Hoan My (healthcare),… He’s also the Head of Supervisory Board at Binh Minh Plastics Company (BMP), term 2018-2023.